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900 Degrees Of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

April 30, 2020

Today Arnaldo, Ozzy, and Geoff talk about the video game that defined a period in time as well as any, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater! The guys start off geeking out about Tony Hawk himself and their own skateboarding experiences (2:30) before moving on to some of THPS' less successful predecessors and the incredibly effective combination of pizza and demo discs that enthralled Ozzy as a young immigrant (15:00). Geoff takes a moment to confirm Europe has malls and grocery stores (24:15). After checking Geoff's references on that 'fact' and chatting a little more skateboarding, the guys talk about the original THPS and which version is the best (34:00) before moving on to THPS 2 and some of the differences between regions, including one with a heavy dose of K-Pop (1:20:00). The show wraps up with THPS 3 and 4 (1:48:40) and an exclamation of disbelief from Geoff when the Tapwave Zodiac video game system makes its first appearance on the Region Free Gamers podcast! (2:05:10)

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