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Are Motion Controls Actually Terrible?

August 19, 2021

Today we're working up a sweat as Anthony, Kelly, Arnaldo, and Paul are here with a special Patron request episode to discuss video game motion controls! First, we dive into the biggest question: why do we want motion controls in video games? (10:30). Some of the first motion control concepts are up next with arcade classics like Hang On (19:00). With the arcade in the rear view mirror, we move to the home market, first with the Atari Mindlink (27:00) and then the inspiration for the Infinity Gauntlet (probably) and antagonist of lefties everywhere, the Power Glove! (35:00) Pathetic flailing simulator the Sega Activator is lovingly discussed next (57:00) followed by the Sony Eye Toy (1:07:00) and the first big motion control success, Babysitting Mama! On the Nintendo Wii! (1:12:00) For the last segment we try to capitalize on the success of the Wii with the Microsoft Kinect (1:30:00) and Playstation Move/PSVR and talk about what the future of motion controls will look like (1:59:00).



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