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Dark Souls - Miyazaki’s Beautiful Twisted Masterpiece

October 29, 2020

For this Halloween-centric episode, Ozzy is joined by Geoff and Arnie, with special guest Josh (a/k/a @NinjaArtorias on Instagram) to discuss the game of the decade that was Dark Souls. The crew goes for a deep dive on FromSoftware's beloved title, exploring its story and lore, the beauty of its gameplay loop and the type of imprint they believe the game will leave behind. It is a super fun episode with knights, dragons and more souls talk than you can shake your hilt at. 


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Firelink Shrine (30:00)

Prologue (51:25)

Great Grey Wolf Sif  (1:05:03)

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (1:46:35)

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