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Great Graphics, Jank Controls, Cringey Ads. Welcome To Kronos Digital!

September 30, 2021

Today it's Mike in the hosting chair for the first time, joined by Arnaldo and Paul as we talk about PlayStation video game developer, and creator of highly questionable ad campaigns, Kronos Digital! After some catching up including talking about the jankiest carnival rides (Zipper forever!), the crew talks about their favourite video game ad campaigns (18:00) before moving on to the first game Kronos helped develop, Phantasmagoria (27:00). Criticom, Dark Age and Cardinal Syn (the Trilogy Of Terror!) are up next (32:00) followed by little known PC one-of, Meat Puppet (51:30). We then talk about Kronos' biggest hit, Fear Effect and its sequel, Fear Effect 2 (1:00:00) which is conversation that can't be had without talking about Fear Effect 2's ad campaign (1:24:00). We close things out with Fear Effect's nearly complete but abandoned PlayStation 2 sequel, Fear Effect 3: Inferno and the reasons that led to the demise of Kronos Digital (1:44:30)



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Gaiares (Guy Are Us) - Mission 1

Cardinal Syn - Intro Movie


Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod

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