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How Final Fantasy IV Changed RPGs Forever

December 10, 2020

Today Arnaldo, Geoff, and Paul are joined by special guest Chris Coplien of the Retro Hangover Podcast to talk about our (mostly!) favourite RPG of the 16-bit era, Final Fantasy IV! We start off the show getting to know Chris and discuss his time flying in airplanes for a living and sneaking around on the Big Shell (2:30), followed by an intro to Final Fantasy IV and our experiences with this superlative video game (15:30). The all-star team of developers is up next along with their stories and a deep dive into the game and characters (33:30) and the show is wrapped up with some of the weird quirks from the game and a discussion of the legacy Final Fantasy IV has left behind (1:31:00)


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Final Fantasy IV - Red Wings

Final Fantasy IV - Main Theme

Final Fantasy IV - Battle 2

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