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March 19, 2020

Crazy episode today with Geoff, Arnie, and Paul going through the hottest video game opinions our listeners sent us. We start off discussing whether LeBron James was a Nintendo or Sony guy (4:00) before discussing whether Zelda: Ocarina of Time was actually terrible or if, as usual, the N64 controller is the culprit (6:30). We then talk about whether Saints Row IV is actually better than GTA V (31:00), whether Lost Odyssey is actually the best Final Fantasy game (36:30), and whether the Dreamcast was the worst system of its generation (44:00). The remaining highlights include a discussion on whether The Last Of Us is overrated (52:30), whether Dark Souls is unfair or merely difficult (1:02:30) and Arnie's preferred cosplay character (1:28:30).

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Sonic Boom - Forest Battle

Lost Odyssey - An Enemy Appears!

The Last Of Us - The Last Of Us