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Our Unusual Top Picks For Couch Co-op!

July 22, 2021

Kelly, Arnaldo, Anthony, and Paul are working together toward a common goal today: talking about our top picks for couch co-op video games! After discussing odds on Mario carrying the torch in the upcoming olympics and our preferred co-op gaming partners, Anthony gets the ball rolling with A Way Out (19:00). Paul is up next with oft ported arcade oddball Gain Ground (35:00) followed by wizard abuse simulator, Trine (57:00). Kelly keeps the party going with Children Of Morta (1:07:00) and divorce lubricator Overcooked 2 (1:21:30) before Arnie brings it home with action packed split-screen Stardew Valley (1:31:30) and Guncon killer app Vampire Night (1:45:30)



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Sega Ages: Gain Ground - Origin, Awaken, Theme Of Heroes

Children Of Morta - Soundtrack Of Love

Stardew Valley - Winter (The Wind Can Be Still)

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