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Psygnosis: The Second Coolest Band From Liverpool

October 15, 2020

Today Geoff, Arnaldo, and Paul talk about one of the great British video game development houses of the 90's, Psygnosis! We can't stop ourselves from immediately getting into the logo and iconic artwork for Psygnosis' games (8:00) and continue with Psygnosis in the Amiga era and hits like Shadow Of The Beast and Lemmings (24:00). The 32-bit era is up next with system seller and spelling mystery WipEout (55:30), followed by Psygnosis' space based games G-Police and Colony Wars (1:21:00). Alas nothing good lasts forever, and we close with the interesting story behind Psygnosis' demise (1:40:00).


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Shadow Of The Beast - The Cavern

Formula-1 - Stateside

Colony Wars - Track 03

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