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Rare: The Episode Where We Actually Praise The N64!

April 1, 2021

The Ultra Combo of Arnaldo, Kelly, Paul, and Geoff are diving into British video gaming royalty with a retrospective on Rare! After catching up with the madness of 8 player Killer Queen Black on the Switch and the relentless harassment of Duolinguo (5:30), we start the topic of the day with a look at Rare's early history in video game development (15:30) and their dive into the venerable Nintendo Entertainment System (34:00) followed by the SNES (44:40). The legendary Rare N64 catalogue is up next (1:10:00) and the show is wrapped up with a discussion about the Microsoft purchase and the legacy left by Rare that IGN got so very, very wrong (2:02:00).



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