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The Arcade 1up Takeover

June 10, 2021

Live from ATgames headquarters, Paul, Anthony, and Arnaldo are here to talk about the home arcade revolution! After a little catching up we start out talking about our earliest memories of the arcade and all the weird places we played arcade games at (21:00). Of course, it would be odd to talk about arcades without talking about the titan of arcades worldwide for the better part of a decade, Street Fighter II (38:00), followed by the overall decline of the arcade (47:30). Arcade 1up and the reasons for their success in the home arcade market are up next (57:00), and we close out the episode talking about their main competitors and our own home arcade wishlists including a game that was announced shortly after we recorded the episode! (1:25:00)



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Virtual On - In The Blue Sky

Street Fighter II - Spain (Vega)

Out Run - Magical Sound Shower

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