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The Bullfrog That Peter Molyneux Built.. And EA Destroyed

May 28, 2020

Today, Arnaldo, Geoff, Ozzy, and Paul talk about the ups and downs of one of the UK's greatest video game developers, Bullfrog! But not before Ozzy gets congratulated for his acquisition of a Neo Geo MVS cabinet and his future decline into poverty as a result of purchasing games for it (2:45). The guys have a chat about British video game development in general (7:00) before moving on to the birth and growth of Bullfrog (20:40). Of course, we can't talk about Bullfrog without talking about their games, and the place to start is the hugely influential Populous (30:00) followed by hyperviolent dystopian darling, Syndicate (56:00) and the subversive capitalism simulator, Theme Park (1:13:45). After determining whether there was an N-Gage port of Syndicate, the guys make a brief stops at Magic Carpet and Hi-Octane (1:26:35), and finish up with Dungeon Keeper's unusual development story (1:40:20) followed by a discussion about the legacy Bullfrog left behind (1:53:40).


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