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The Gory Life And Death Of Splatterhouse

April 2, 2020

Arnaldo and Anthony are joined by author and video game historian, Rob Strangman, as they discuss the first video game series that truly married the medium with horror, Splatterhouse! The guys start off talking about how Rob got into gaming and founding the definitive Splatterhouse website, West Mansion (2:30). The crew moves onto talking about the original Splatterhouse arcade game and its legendary conversion to the PC-Engine / Turbografx-16 (15:00) and little known variants and spinoffs, such as Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Grafitti for the Famicom (47:00). The Genesis / Mega Drive sequels are up next (59:30) and the show wraps up with some behind the scenes stories from the 2010 Splatterhouse remake Rob consulted on, including why it ultimately failed and probably won't return (1:36:00).


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Splatterhouse 2010 - Zombies In The Mausoleum

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