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The Highs And Lows Of Video Game Kickstarter

September 16, 2021

Kelly, Kelly's cat, Arnaldo, and previous guest now full time host Mike Doucet (!) are talking about the queen of crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter, and how it has contributed to the video game industry in ways both positive and negative. We start off talking about the beginning of Kickstarter and the ways it showed promise (4:00), and of course, the first big kickstarted video game, Broken Age (14:30). But it's not just games as we talk about as we delve into whether the OUYA was actually a successful console or not (32:30). We talk about one of the bigger successes, Pillars Of Eternity (51:00) and groan over the unending saga of Star Citizen (55:30). Nostalgia milkers Mighty No. 9, the Bloodstained series, Shenmue III and Yooka Laylee are up next (1:09:00) and we close out the show talking about which projects we've personally backed and whether they delivered (1:51:00).



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Broken Age - March In The Clouds

Towerfall - Flight

Shenmue III - Forklift Race (yesss!!!)

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