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The Video Games Of Our Childhood

June 11, 2020

Today the.. what's the opposite of dynamic? - duo of Arnaldo and Paul talk about some of their favourite video games from childhood! After reliving the Dennis Rodman chairshot that sent DDP to the yoga studio, Arnie starts things off with a video game that probably deserves its own episode, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (6:30) followed by Paul doing everything to avoid talking about Kung Fu Kid for the Sega Master System (26:00). Arnie then reaches deep into the N64 catalog and unleashes Flying Dragon! (52:00) Paul is up next with Willow for the NES (1:03:00) and the guys finish up with some quick hits including the likes of Road Rash and Golden Sun (1:16:30).


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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic - The Old Republic Theme

Kung Fu Kid - Stage 3 & 5

Flying Dragon - Ryuhi

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