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WCW/nWo/RFG Revenge! An Early History Of Wrestling Games

December 24, 2020

In our most personally anticipated episode of the year, Arnaldo, Ozzy, Geoff, and Paul talk about the wrestling video games they grew up with and which ones managed to climb the ladder and grab the championship belt! We start off talking about our early experiences watching wrestling (04:30) followed by the earliest 8-bit wrestling games featuring King Slender and Doctor Guildo (15:00). A discussion of our favourite wrestlers comes next (The Rock may or may not be mentioned) (40:30) followed by the 16-bit and arcade wrestling games of the era (58:30). The crowning achievements of the 32bit era, WCW/nWo Revenge and their ilk are up for discussion next (1:04:30) and we close out with the PS2 generation of wrestling games (1:36:00) and our favourite wrestling moments! (1:55:30)


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Tecmo World Wrestling - Fight Music 1

Pomp And Circumstance (Macho Madness!!)

WWF No Mercy - Intro

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