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What Happened To F-Zero?

May 14, 2020

Today, Arnaldo, Anthony, Geoff, and Paul are barely enduring the insane g-forces generated from their discussion of the fastest video game series ever: F-Zero! After a brief discussion about awkward dinner parties, video game collectibles, and the late, great, Barcode Battler, the guys do a quick overview of the F-Zero series, including their first experiences with it. (11:00). The OG Super Nintendo F-Zero is up next in all its Mode 7 glory (25:30) followed by superlative N64 sequel, F-Zero X (57:50). The Game Boy Advance video games are up next, including a look into the rare F-Zero Climax (1:16:20). The show is wrapped up discussing the controversial, Sega developed, F-Zero GX (1:27:30) and whether the series is primed for a comeback on the Nintendo Switch (1:47:00)


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F-Zero - Big Blue

F-Zero X - Endless Challenge (Mute City)

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity - Empyrian Colony

F-Zero GX - Planet Colors

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