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What Have We Been Playing? Disco Elysium, Blade Runner, Out Run 2 and more!

September 3, 2020

It's Geoff, Ozzy, and Paul today talking about what video games they've been playing! After talking about empty airports and crowded airplanes, Geoff starts us off with a trip down memory lane into City 17 and Half Life 2 (10:30), followed by embarrassing Paul over his lack of pop culture acumen with point and click classic Blade Runner (24:00). Ozzy is up next with stories about peeing (literally) thanks to PSVR (37:00), drifting terribly in Out Run 2 (53:00), and going back to basics with Samurai Shodown for the PS4 (1:03:31). Paul wraps things up trying avoid depressing thoughts in Disco Elysium (1:12:30) and the video game that is the opposite of depressing, Shovel Knight! (1:26:00)


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Out Run 2 - Magical Sound Shower

Shovel Knight - Strike The Earth! (Plains Of Passage)

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