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What Have We Been Playing? Loop Hero, Samurai Shodown, Moonwalker, and more!

May 27, 2021

Today it's Anthony, Paul, and extra special guest, Patron from Day 1 or possibly 3, Jay Berrones, talking about what video games we've been playing lately! After some discussion about swearing in other languages and people enjoying their accents a bit too much, Paul starts off talking about surprise PC hit, Loop Hero (15:30) before moving on to Total War: Shogun 2 (32:30) and Initial D: Extreme Stage (47:00). Jay is up next with Turbografx-16 classic Vigilante (1:04:00) followed by Pixeljunk Monsters (1:12:00) and the original Samurai Shodown! (1:23:30) Anthony wraps it up with tales from the retro arcade with Super Off Road (1:33:00), Robocop (1:44:00) and some Michael Magic with Moonwalker (1:52:00)



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Loop Hero - Dark Matter Moon

Initial D - Eye Catch

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