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What Have We Been Playing? Nier Replicant, Astro’s Playroom, Cat Quest, and more!

July 8, 2021

Arnaldo, Kelly, and Paul are joined by special guest from the future, Luke (@lukelikesgames on Instagram!) to talk about what video games we've been playing lately. Kelly starts us off with Sayonara Wild Hearts (12:30) and Nier Replicant (27:00). Luke is up next with Astro's Playroom (37:00) and Maquette (49:30). Arnie chips in with Tearaway (1:04:30), Cat Quest (1:13:50) and Earthbound (1:26:15). Paul rounds things up with video game tire fire, Time And Eternity (1:34:00), and the conversation devolves into a chat about other bad games including Michigan: Report From Hell, Battle Construction Vehicles, and Fight Crab (1:48:30).



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Sayonara Wild Hearts - Fighting Hearts

Astro's Playroom - SSD

Spiderman: The Arcade Game - BGM2

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