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What Have We Been Playing? Psychonauts 2, Contra Rogue Corps, Hong Kong ‘97, and more!

October 14, 2021

Today it's Arnaldo, Paul, Mike, and special guest Rick (@ashevent on instagram) talking about what video games we've been playing lately! The show begins on a high brow with a debate about Denny's vs. IHOP before we get into Mike's picks, Contra: Rogue Corps (10:50) and much better game, Psychron (23:50). Paul is up next talking about meeting up with some friends of the show in Toronto (38:30) and some of the tire fires they played, including Bible Adventures (45:45) and BAFTA award winning (not really.. but it also hasn't been nominated yet...) bootleg SNES classic, Hong Kong '97 (1:00:00). Rick moves us along touching on No More Heroes 2 and Catherine before a deep dive on Psychonauts 2 (1:25:30) and Arnie brings us home with Evan's Remains (1:50:00) and Learn Japanese To Survive: Hiragana Battle! (2:00:30).



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Psychron - Boss Fight

Hong Kong '97 - I Love Beijing Tiananmen

Psychonauts 2 - Noodle Bowl

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