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What We’ve Been Playing And Japan Travel Tips!

April 16, 2020

Today the whole crew is here with Arnaldo, Ozzy, Geoff, Anthony, and Paul talking about what video games they've been playing lately. The show starts off with Paul's experiences in Japan, including retro game shopping in Akihabara and Osaka (7:30) before moving on to Ozzy's games including Dark Souls 2 (30:00). Geoff's video games are up next, including Rime and Zone Of The Enders 2 (54:30), followed by Anthony with MLB The Show 20' and fellow contemporary sports game, NHL 94' (1:11:30). We wrap up the show with Arnaldo and Wargroove (1:26:30), and Paul with Factorio (1:43:30).


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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven - Jonathan Joestar Battle BGM

Return Of The Obra Dinn - Loose Cargo

Z.O.E. The 2nd Runner - Beyond The Bounds

Streets Of Rage 2 - Alien Power

Wargroove - Bounding Joy

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