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Why Compile Is History’s Greatest Shmup Developer

August 5, 2021

Today Arnaldo and Paul are joined by Youtuber, Shmup Junkie, to talk about our favourite shmup video game developer, Compile! We start off the show getting to know Ilya and hear his recommendations for the best shmups for beginners (spoiler: not Battle Garegga) before moving on to the early history of Compile (23:00) and a chat about Caravan shooter competitions (29:30). Our first experiences with Compile games are up next (36:00) followed by talking about Compile's early efforts Zanac and The Guardian Legend (43:30). We cover Compile's bread and butter, Aleste, in detail (1:10:00) followed by fan favourites Blazing Lazers and Spriggan (1:41:30) and wrap things up with Compile's end as a shmup developer (2:03:00).



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Blazing Lazers - Intro and Area 1

Power Strike - The Challenger

GG Aleste 3 - Dogfighter

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